Municipal01_ThumbFire Station No. 15
Metairie, LA
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Municipal02_ThumbJefferson Parish Admin Bldg.
Harvey, LA
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Municipal03_ThumbGretna Library Replacement
Gretna, LA
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Emergency Telecommunications & Operations Center (911/EOC) for Jefferson Parish, Gretna, LA, 2010 – New 60,000 sf. emergency call dispatch center and emergency operations facility for the coordination of all major governmental agencies in emergency situations – $24,800,000

Grand Isle Fire Station, Grand Isle, LA, 2010 – New 9,000 sf., 2-bay fire station with living quarters to replace station severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  Designed to withstand new hurricane wind requirements for Town of Grand Isle – $2,800,000

Fire Station No. 10, Metairie, LA, 2010 – New 3-bay fire station and living quarters for East Bank Consolidate Fire Department and Parish of Jefferson – $3,500,000

Jefferson Parish School System Administration Building, Harvey, LA, 2009 – New 95,000 sf. office building, housing administrative and training facilities and Board meeting room for Jefferson Parish School Board – $19,000,000

Gretna Library Replacement, Gretna, LA, 2009 – New 5,600 sf. branch library with related site work to replace existing building severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina – $1,400,000

Re-roofing & Waterproofing of UNO University Center, New Orleans, LA, 2009 – Major repairs and roof replacement at University of New Orleans as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Katrina – $1,300,000

Additions and Renovations to Bridge City Correctional Center for Youth, Bridge City, LA, 2007 – Three new resident halls, new cafeteria / kitchen, and renovations to existing dormitories at existing Youth Correctional Facility for State of Louisiana – $5,500,000

Re-Roofing & Renovations to Juvenile Justice Center, Gretna, LA, 2005-6 – Interior renovations and security improvements to existing Juvenile Court Building for Parish of Jefferson – $800,000

Almonaster Auto Pound Improvements, New Orleans, LA, 2005 – New Administrative building, fencing, lighting and site improvements to existing auto pound facility for City of New Orleans – $1,100,000

Renovations to DA Building, New Orleans, LA, 2005 – Interior renovations, work space planning, security improvements and ADA accommodations to existing District Attorney’s Administrative Building for the City of New Orleans – $800,000

Renovations to Marrero Senior Center, Marrero, LA, 2005 – New canopy, roofing, and exterior work at existing Jefferson Parish facility for the elderly – $100,000

Renovations to Fire Station No. 18, Metairie, LA, 2005 – Re-roofing and exterior renovations to existing fire station for Jefferson Parish – $150,000

Jefferson Parish Fire Station No. 15, Metairie, LA, 2005 – New 3-bay station with day area and sleeping quarters for 24 hour operation in Metairie – $1,400,000

New Office / Warehouse Facilities for Jefferson Parish Public Works Departments, Bridge City, LA, 2005  – Master planning, site development, design, and construction for complex of administrative buildings and maintenance shops for the Parish of Jefferson, including new Drainage Dept. Building and shop, Water Dept. Building, Sewerage Dept. Building and shop, Central Warehouse, and Fleet Maintenance Facility – $7,500,000

Addition & Re-roofing of N.O. Youth Study Center, New Orleans, LA, 2002  – Complete re-roofing and 20-cell addition to existing Juvenile Detention Facility for City of New Orleans – $1,650,000

Renovations to Office / Warehouse Facilities for Jefferson Parish Streets Department, Jefferson, LA, 2001 – Renovations to existing building, new shop, new warehouse facilities, and new security package for the Parish of Jefferson – $2,000,000

Addition to West Bank Animal Shelter for Jefferson Parish, Marrero, LA, 2000 – New addition to existing facility, including animal housing areas, isolation room, etc. – $200,000

New Office / Warehouse Facilities for Jefferson Parish Public Works Departments, Jefferson, LA, 2000 – Major renovations to existing warehouse building to house new office, storage, and repair garage for the Parish of Jefferson – $3,500,000

West Terminal Expansion, N.O. International Airport, Kenner, LA, 1998  – Major terminal expansion, including new baggage make-up, baggage claim, ticket lobby, and holding rooms for the metropolitan area’s municipal airport – $20,000,000

West Bank Public Works Administration Facilities, Jefferson Parish, LA, 1998 – Master planning, new administrative and work/storage facilities, and miscellaneous site improvements at Parish Public Works site – $2,000,000

Additions and Renovations to First Parish Court, Metairie, LA, 1995 – 13,000 sf. addition and major renovations to Jefferson Parish Court facility – $1,900,000

St. James Parish Secure Youth Center, Convent, LA, 1990 – New campus style 80-bed correctional center, constructed by a private company for the Parish of St. James.  This is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to meet all ACA standards, totaling approximately 42,000 sf. including cafeteria, gymnasium, educational buildings, and residence halls – $4,000,000

Juvenile Justice Center, Harvey, LA, 1990 – New 30,000 sf. Juvenile Court building and Judicial Administrative office, including District Attorney Offices and Records Management facilities for the Parish of Jefferson, published in the 1991 edition of the National Center for State Courts “Retrospective of Courthouse Design” – $1,700,000

Renovations to Coroner’s Office, New Orleans, LA, 1988 – Renovations to administrative and laboratory areas in existing Criminal Courts Building for the City of New Orleans – $464,000

Renovations to Fire Station No. 53, Gretna, LA, 1988 – Additions and renovations to existing fire station for Terrytown Volunteer Fire Dept. – $100,000

Renovations to 4th Floor, Gretna Courthouse, Gretna LA, 1987 – Renovation of entire floor of existing courthouse building to accommodate new offices for the Jefferson Parish Council – $350,000

Stonebridge Fire Station, Gretna, LA, 1984 – New building for Terrytown Volunteer Fire Dept. – $350,000

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