Educational01A_ThumbClancy Elementary Pre-K
Kenner, LA
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Educational02_ThumbNew Woodmere Elementary
Harvey, LA
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Educational03_ThumbClancy Elementary Additions
Kenner, LA
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New Woodmere Elementary School, Harvey, LA, 2011 – Total replacement of 84,000 sf. Jefferson Parish elementary school, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina (Joint Venture) – $20,000,000

New Academy of Our Lady High School, Marrero, LA, 2009-2011 – New 130,000 sf. girls’ high school to consolidate two aging facilities into one state-of-the-art campus on the west bank of Jefferson Parish – $27,000,000

Clancy 10-Classroom Addition, Kenner, LA, 2009 – Unique new classroom building addition that utilizes concrete modular classroom units and incorporates standard construction, resulting in a custom design for less cost and faster construction time.  Project for Jefferson Parish School Board – $3,200,000

New Pre-K Building – Folsom Elementary School, Folsom, LA, 2007 – New free-standing, 4-classroom addition to existing St. Tammany Parish Elementary School – $1,150,000

Renovations to Lafitte Elementary School, Lafitte, LA, 2006 – Re-roofing and interior repairs to existing Jefferson Parish Elementary School as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Katrina – $780,000

Renovations to Home Economics Lab, Ehret High School, Marrero, LA, 2005 – New kitchen equipment and interior improvements to existing space at Jefferson Parish High School – $100,000

Renovations to Adams Elementary School, Metairie, LA, 2005 – Additions to covered walkways, new screen wall, signage, and site improvements at existing Jefferson Parish School – $100,000

Addition to Clancy Elementary, Kenner, LA, 2005 – New 4-classroom Pre-Kindergarten  Building with associated offices at existing elementary school for Jefferson Parish School Board – $750,000

Renovations to Riverdale High School, Metairie, LA, 2005 – New sunscreens, toilet room, and covered walkway renovations at existing Jefferson Parish school facility – $200,000

Renovations to Airline Park Elementary School, Metairie, LA, 2005 – Renovations to school lobby, corridors, and new student toilets at existing Jefferson Parish school facility – $240,000

Renovations to Westwego Elementary School, Westwego, LA, 2005 – Relocation of administrative suite, renovations to auditorium, and faculty toilets at existing Jefferson Parish school facility – $240,000

Additions & Renovations  to St. Cletus Elementary School, Gretna, LA, 2004 – New 18,000 sf. gymnasium, 4-classroom addition, and interior renovations to existing elementary school – $2,100,000 (Schematic Design Phase)

Renovations to Homedale Elementary School, Harvey, LA, 2004 – Relocation of administrative suite and renovations to teacher’s lounge at existing facility – $190,000

Addition to Gretna Park Elementary, Gretna, LA, 2004 – New 3,200 sf. administration building at existing elementary school – $500,000

Colton Middle School Renovations, Phase II, New Orleans, LA, 2004 – Toilet Room Renovations and additional HVAC upgrades at existing facility – $500,000

New Handicapped Lift at St. Mary Magdalen School,  Metairie, LA, 2004 – Installation of new handicapped lift and related canopy work at existing school classroom building – $55,000

Renovations to Archbishop Blenk High School, Gretna, LA, 2003-4 – New entrance canopy, exterior stairs, handicapped lift, and two portable classrooms at existing secondary school – $260,000

Jefferson Parish Head Start School, Metairie, LA, 2003 – Conversion of part of existing regional library into new 12,000 sf. pre-k facility with full commercial kitchen, cafeteria, classrooms, and administrative support – $1,000,000

Colton Middle School Renovations, Phase I, New Orleans, LA, 2002 – Re-roofing and air conditioning of existing Middle School – $2,000,000

Renovations to Wheatley Elementary School, New Orleans, LA, 2002 – Re-roofing, canopy replacement, and site paving to existing school – $795,000

New Handicapped Lifts  at  Archbishop Shaw High School, Marrero, LA, 2002 – Installation of two new handicapped lifts and related renovations at gymnasium and classroom buildings – $80,000

Renovations to West Jefferson High School, Marrero, LA, 2001 – Renovation of toilet rooms, band room, portables, replacement of lockers and walkway covers at existing high school campus – $400,000

Renovations to St. Jerome Hall, St. Cletus School, Gretna, LA, 2000 – Renovations to toilet rooms and kitchen in existing school cafeteria – $100,000

Lewis Elementary School Renovations, New Orleans, LA, 1999 – Major renovations, waterproofing, painting, and air conditioning of existing elementary school – $2,500,000

Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist School, New Orleans, LA, 1998 – New elementary and secondary school building for major church congregation – $3,600,000

Salem Lutheran Church Family Life Center, Gretna, LA, 1994 – New 15,000 sf. gymnasium and 6-classroom addition to existing parochial school – $1,200,000

Grande Isle Classroom Building Replacement, Grande Isle, LA, 1994 – New building to replace one destroyed by a tornado for Jefferson Parish School Board – $2,000,000

Two Classroom Buildings, Abrams Elementary, New Orleans, LA, 1992 – Replacement of two classroom buildings at existing school campus for Orleans Parish School Board -$1,200,000

Classroom Building Conversion, Bridge City Elementary, Bridge City, LA, 1991 – Conversion of existing open plan building to individual classrooms for Jefferson Parish School Board – $400,000

Library and Administrative Addition, Lawless Elementary, New Orleans, LA, 1987 – Additions and renovations to existing school campus for Orleans Parish School Board – $600,000

Repairs and Renovations to Carver Complex, New Orleans, LA, 1984 – Major repair and remodeling for Orleans Parish School Board – $2,500,000

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